Park Proximity and Participation

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Over the past ten years, obesity has become an increasingly serious issue in America, and sports participation has suffered slightly as more Americans become inactive. Thankfully, the sports and fitness industry is one of the most resilient industry’s in the world and is perfectly capable of weathering a minor blip. As for the cause of this slow down, many are quick to point at the increased popularity of video games or the meteoric rise of Facebook, Twitter and the like. But regardless of what one may point at to be the true “cause” of the drop in sports participation and rise in obesity, we here at SFIA are constantly analyzing data for solutions. And we may have a new one for you….

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Made in America: Part 1

mericaWhy take on the Made in America Project?

On my first day of work here at the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), I was tasked with my first major project of the summer, discovering which of our member companies manufacture here in the United States. At the time, I had a systematic approach to handling each of my interactions with the rest of the office: nod my head, smile, say thank you and don’t ask too many questions. When I got my assignment, I was genuinely excited to have real responsibility in the office on just my first day at work. That said I was tempted to deviate from my ingenious system and ask VJ Mayor, Director of Communications and Research, why he was having me take on this project.

I knew the obvious benefits that many a politician have hardwired into my brain. Obviously domestic production creates American jobs, and I will never be one to question just how valuable that can be. However, from a company’s perspective, I found it hard to blame anyone for producing overseas if it meant that they could get their products to American consumers at a lower price.

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