VIDEO: The Products that Make up the World Series

Two of the most storied franchises from SFIA member Major League Baseball will take the field this week in a tradition that spans 109 years. Players from both the Red Sox and Cardinals will be wearing and using products that SFIA members produce. For this post, we wanted to highlight some of those products through video (thanks YouTube). Credit to Chevrolet for producing these videos aka you’ll have to sit through a 15 second Chevy ad on the front end of each of these videos (well worth it though).

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A Baseball’s Impact on 9/11


No one will ever forget where they were on this date 12 years ago. Most were commuting to work, if not already at work, or going to school. For me, I was attending English class when I had learned that the Twin Towers had been hit. Walking into the classroom, I could see the first tower on fire as the television had been kept on by the teacher. Instantly, I had thought that it was some sort of fake, almost like an action-movie special effect, but as I saw my classmates and teacher with their eyes transfixed on the screen, it immediately hit me that this was really happening. Growing up along the Jersey Shore, an hour away from NYC, I had been to Manhattan more times than I could count. It was a frequent visit, as my aunt has lived there for the last four decades and one of my sisters works in the city.

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Future Industry Leader Scholars Profile: Nathaniel Woo


This summer, five young professionals in the sports and fitness industry were selected as the 2013 SFIA Future Industry Leader Scholarship recipients. All five of these recipients will be present at SFIA’s inaugural Industry Leaders Summit this coming September 25th-26th in Baltimore, MD.

Each of our scholarship recipients is incredibly talented and display an incredible amount of promise as they rise to the top of their field. In the past weeks, SFIAinsider, in collaboration with SFIA Weekly, has been posting exclusive interviews with each of our five winners, in order of participant’s response. We are honored to have  had the opportunity to put them in the spotlight before the event.

For the fifth and final week, meet Nathaniel Woo, a veteran of the Singapore Army, Ironman,  and Corporate Development Analyst at Life Time Fitness. Continue reading to see the full interview.

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