The Future of Inactivity and its affect on our Industry


The future was the theme at this year’s inaugural SFIA Industry Leaders Summit: the future of the economy, the future of retail, the future of mergers and acquisitions. A recurring topic throughout the event was the future of participation. With participation in sports and fitness activities being the lifeblood of our industry, it was a relevant topic to dive into, especially considering what the forecast looks like as inactivity could cost the industry $28 Billion by 2018. Take a look at this PHIT America page, to see how we figured out that number (

Due to the overwhelming feedback we received from attendees, the SFIA is hosting a webinar along with PHIT America on Tuesday, November 12th addressing Inactivity and the affect it will have on the business of our industry. The webinar will delve deeper into the State of the Industry presentation that was given by SFIA President and CEO Tom Cove. The webinar will also feature PHIT America founder Jim Baugh and his take on what our industry can do so we can rise the tide for all of our boats. Click here to register for the latest SFIA Thought Leadership webinar.

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Future Industry Leader Scholars Profile: Bob Najduk

Head Shot Najduk

This summer, five young professionals in the sports and fitness industry were selected as the 2013 SFIA Future Industry Leader Scholarship recipients. All five of these recipients will be present at SFIA’s inaugural Industry Leaders Summit this coming September 25th-26th in Baltimore, MD.

Each of our scholarship recipients is incredibly talented and display an incredible amount of promise as they rise to the top of their field. In the next few weeks, SFIAinsider, in collaboration with SFIA Weekly, will be posting exclusive interviews with each of our five winners, in order of participant’s response. We are honored to have the opportunity to put them in the spotlight before the event.

This week, meet Bob Najduk, a native Michigander and Sr. Product Manager for  Johnson Health Tech. Continue reading to see the full interview.

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