SFIA Future Industry Leader Scholars Wrap Up

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With the inaugural SFIA Industry Leaders Summit two weeks away, we couldn’t be more excited to have the leaders of the sports and fitness industry in Baltimore to learn about where the future of our industry is headed and to discuss what they’re seeing from their own professional experiences. We’re also excited to have five very talented and goal-oriented young people attend in our Future Industry Leader Scholars. Alex Stone, Bob Najduk, Isaiah Kacyvenski, Keenan Long, and Nathaniel Woo have all proven themselves to be worthy of such an honor to be called Future Industry Scholars. From Isaiah’s past career as a former NFL player to Nathaniel competing in the Ironman, all five have a passion and desire for the sports and fitness industry. For this week’s post, we’re going to do a best-of summary from their individual Q&A sessions.

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