SFIA Future Industry Leader Scholars Wrap Up

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With the inaugural SFIA Industry Leaders Summit two weeks away, we couldn’t be more excited to have the leaders of the sports and fitness industry in Baltimore to learn about where the future of our industry is headed and to discuss what they’re seeing from their own professional experiences. We’re also excited to have five very talented and goal-oriented young people attend in our Future Industry Leader Scholars. Alex Stone, Bob Najduk, Isaiah Kacyvenski, Keenan Long, and Nathaniel Woo have all proven themselves to be worthy of such an honor to be called Future Industry Scholars. From Isaiah’s past career as a former NFL player to Nathaniel competing in the Ironman, all five have a passion and desire for the sports and fitness industry. For this week’s post, we’re going to do a best-of summary from their individual Q&A sessions.

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Park Proximity and Participation

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Over the past ten years, obesity has become an increasingly serious issue in America, and sports participation has suffered slightly as more Americans become inactive. Thankfully, the sports and fitness industry is one of the most resilient industry’s in the world and is perfectly capable of weathering a minor blip. As for the cause of this slow down, many are quick to point at the increased popularity of video games or the meteoric rise of Facebook, Twitter and the like. But regardless of what one may point at to be the true “cause” of the drop in sports participation and rise in obesity, we here at SFIA are constantly analyzing data for solutions. And we may have a new one for you….

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Why Start a SFIA Blog?

Here at the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, we have a lot on our minds. One day, our research shines light on an important trend in sports participation that we feel demands the attention of our industry. The next, we find a story on one of our members new innovations that promise to change the industry for years to come. Some days are focused on Capitol Hill as we work to increase funding for physical education in school or eliminate foreign counterfeit markets. On others, the “sports fanatic” inside of us comes alive as our office is captivated by an amazing play or underdog victory.

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