Made in America: Part 1

mericaWhy take on the Made in America Project?

On my first day of work here at the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), I was tasked with my first major project of the summer, discovering which of our member companies manufacture here in the United States. At the time, I had a systematic approach to handling each of my interactions with the rest of the office: nod my head, smile, say thank you and don’t ask too many questions. When I got my assignment, I was genuinely excited to have real responsibility in the office on just my first day at work. That said I was tempted to deviate from my ingenious system and ask VJ Mayor, Director of Communications and Research, why he was having me take on this project.

I knew the obvious benefits that many a politician have hardwired into my brain. Obviously domestic production creates American jobs, and I will never be one to question just how valuable that can be. However, from a company’s perspective, I found it hard to blame anyone for producing overseas if it meant that they could get their products to American consumers at a lower price.

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