Convention Season = SFIA Council Meetings


It’s a new year, which can only mean one thing: convention season! Starting with the American Volleyball Coaches Association show in late December all the way to the PGA Merchandise show held at the end of January, SFIA staff is busy preparing, coalescing, and presenting to the association’s specific sport councils. With the exception of the holiday break, SFIA has a different council meeting every week starting right before Christmas in December and the whole of January.

The SFIA council meetings allow for members that have specific product or business within a sport to convene once a year and discuss the latest issues and challenges affecting the industry. The diversity of the meetings lends itself to the vast array of SFIA members. There are SFIA members who make product for a certain sport and therefore are members of a specific council, while other SFIA members have representative in all respective councils. Below is an overview of each of the SFIA Councils and when they met or are meeting in 2014:

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